Artist Profile

Lynn Maderich at easel
Lynn at her easel in studio

Lynn Maderich was born and raised in Minnesota where she still lives and paints. Originally she pursued a career working in pastel, pen and ink and bronze but she is now a realist oil painter in the classic tradition.

Most influential to this change was her five years of intensive study at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This remarkable school carries on a lineage that reaches back in an unbroken line to Paris in the late seventeen hundreds. The instruction combines the academic skills of the Old Masters with the sensitivity to color and light of the Impressionists.

Lynn now creates paintings internationally recognized for their fine draftsmanship, rich color, atmospheric depth and luminosity.

The Horse-
During her schooling, Lynn showed exceptional skill at painting the nude and in composing complex interiors with figures. But shortly after graduating she returned to her first love, the horse, and is now recognized for her skilled portrayals of this powerful yet sensitive animal.  Her deep understanding of equine movement and behavior is critical to creating a living artwork. Although the Arabian is her favorite breed, she has also painted the Saddlebred, Percheron, Tennessee Walker, Thoroughbred, Friesian, Quarter Horse and Shetland Pony.

The Portrait-
Because of the step-out-of-the-canvas life and likeness she creates, the portrait is one of Lynn’s favorite forms. The methodical step-by-step procedure she uses allows the chance to try multiple ideas and develop the most promising ones through pencil sketches, oil color studies and a full-size charcoal drawing. This ensures that both artist and client know exactly what the painting will look like before the canvas is even stretched. To use a horse training term for a trustworthy mount, this makes the experience of commissioning a portrait virtually “bomb-proof”. Her portraits hang in homes around the country.

Video Profile on “Minnesota Original” – @MNOriginal – Produced by Twin Cities PBS, June 2017. MN Original is an award-winning television series profiling the state’s creative people and organizations. I am honored to be included in their roster of artists.

The Desert Paintings-
The newest direction for Lynn is her most challenging. She is exploring the desert history of the Arabian and the Bedouin culture that bred both the horse and it’s hunting companion, the Saluki sight hound. Inspired by the imagined Western scenes of Remington and Russell, she is creating canvas narratives of ancient desert life: a quiet scene in a tent, the excitement of a falcon hunt, the tension and stealth of a raiding party. These pieces have attracted the attention of collectors in the Middle East who take great pride in their storied ancestry.

Lynn’s honors include being the cover artist for “Horses In Art” magazine and “Artist of the Month” on The Artists’ Magazine web site.  She has received multiple awards in juried competitions such as those sponsored by The Artist’s Magazine, Wind River Artists’ Guild, The American Artists’ Professional League, Art Renewal Center’s Annual Salon and The American Academy of Equine Art (AAEA).  She has also been included in a number of invitational shows.  Lynn is a Signature Member of the AAEA and an Associate Member of the Society of Animal Artists.

Paying it Forward-
During her final year at The Atelier Lynn made the surprising discovery that she has a talent for teaching. Since graduating, she has taught at the school in both the full and part-time programs as well as giving equine painting workshops across the country. Lynn loves sharing with other artists the gift of the classic training that so influenced her own work. She is delighted that her students enjoy her critiques and feel that working with her definitely improves and benefits their own art. She will be teaching a workshop in Minnesota August 14-18 at Cedar Ridge Arabians and is honored that The American Academy of Equine Art has invited her back to teach another equine art workshop at The Kentucky Horse Park this fall.